Types of Drill Bits

Drill Bits Buying Guide

Drill Bit is the front end of a drill machine that is used for making holes in a wall. Drill bits are available in different types and varieties. Where each has its specific respective work.

If anyone wants to know properly about buying drill bits, then they should follow this drill bits buying guide. It will instruct you about everything related to drilling bits and helps you buy the most appropriate product. This drill bits buying guide also includes information about different drill bits and their respective functions.

Different Types of Drill Bits:

The below list mentions some unique types of drill bits and their respective functions for performing the drilling works.

Titanium Coated Drill Bits

This drill bit is coated with titanium at the front end and provides a sharper and stronger surface to the drill machine. It also gives a pointed front end to the machine and reduces the efforts and use of electricity with its ease of making holes in the wall.

Brad Point Drill Bit

This drill bit is best suited to drill holes in materials made of wood. The structure of this drill bit is a little pointed so that the bit remains intact and in perfect position with the machine while working.

Installer Drill Bit

The structure of this drill bit is so unique and perfect that it is used for installing data cables and other wirings in houses and offices. This drill bit can be used to install TV cables, CCTV wires, cat 5, etc.

Step Drill Bit

This drill bit can make holes in any kind of hard materials such as copper, brass, aluminum, wood, and even smooth materials such as plastic, etc. The tip of this drill bit is very sharp and that is why it directly targets the required point and makes a hole in the respective material within no time.


Drill bits buying guide

Taking into consideration all the different types of drill bits, people can choose from. You should choose the most appropriate ones that fit your requirements.

Choosing the appropriate drill bits for yourself depends on the purpose for which you are buying them. Make sure you are aware of the requirements and buy accordingly. Make sure you consult your carpenter so that you know which drill bit is needed.

Always read the usage of a particular bit before purchasing them. Buy multiple drill bits so that you have each when you need them.

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