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Difference between Nibble and Shears

Metalworking is one of the most complex jobs and requires great progress in the production process. Workers work regularly with heavy gauge metal sheets to get the perfect metal specifications. There several tools for sheet metal cutting, which helps to do the job faster. Here the most common metal cutting tools are nibblers and Shears. These two common tools are used to cut and reduce workpiece and risk of injury. Read on to know the difference between nibblers and shears tools.

Nibblers Vs Shears tool:

These are some of the most established and popular cutting tools, but many people are still not aware of nibblers and Shears. let’s discuss in brief about these two tools.

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What are Nibblers?

Nibblers are versatile tools that help in cutting metal sheets precisely. It is also available in two forms. One is freehand and the other is bench mounted. These tools are used to cut small channels, tubes, and many such objects. Another job that is completely suited to nibblers is cutting corrugated sheet metal. This is a universal cutting device, that works without distortion, emissions, and spark. Nibblers are widely chosen to cut patterns of the sheet metals.

What are Shears?

Shears are another fastest cutting tool acknowledged globally. It is used for cutting copper, lead, aluminum, and other materials. With long-lasting durability and dependability, these cutting tools make the process easier and whilst reducing waste. Shears are of two types, single cut shear, and double-cut shear. The action of single cut shear is the same as pair of scissors. It can cut curves but requires a wider Turing than nibblers. Both types are best for the cutting of metal sheets.

Difference between nibblers and shears tool

Both nibblers and Shears carry the same property of cutting, but there are a few differences between nibblers and shears tools are as follows.

Nibblers are used for cutting out sheet metal. Whereas, shears cut with distortion and perfectness.

Nibblers destroy the materials in its path. Whereas, for cutting extremely fine lines, nibblers should not be the choice. Shears are the ones who can perfectly do such jobs.  The Shearing tool is ideal for cutting heavy-duty tasks. However, Nibblers are easy to access areas and great for prototypes.

Shears easily cut 14-gauge mild steel appliances. Whereas, Nibblers are not powerful enough to do that. Shears create much lesser waste. Whereas, nibblers can create multiple tiny chips of waste materials that are hard to clean.

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