5 Basic Tools of Woodworking

Woodworking means carving the wood in different shapes and forms. This wood carving technique is used to make wood cabinets, carpentry, etc. It has a great demand in today’s generation all over the world.

Woodworking includes a lot of tools to be used in the respective works. These tools provide the exact service to the people without taking too much effort. There are advanced as well as basic tools for woodworking that make wood carving much better and simple for the carpenters and the workers. These woodworking tools can also be handled by hand and do not need any heavy and expensive machinery.

5 Basic Tools of Woodworking:

Below is a specific list of 5 basic tools for woodworking that are used by carpenters to perform different types of carvings:

Thickness Planar & Power Jointer

The name itself suggests that a thickness planar performs the task of levelling the wood. In the same way, a power jointer has the purpose of equalizing all the parts and corners of the wood and making them even.



This basic woodworking tool offers great help to the people in cutting and straightening the woodworks. It is also used for giving a final touch to the woods by leveling them from all the corners after the wood is carved and furniture is made.


Just like the handsaw, this saw is also used to level the wood after its structure is finished. However, this saw cuts the wood in a curve shape and makes the shaping much easier for the people working on it.

Power Drilling Machine

This tool is one of the most important tools for woodworking. It is used for driving fasteners by making round holes in the wood. Power drilling machines work accurately on wood to make the work of the carpenters easier, faster, and much more secure.


Hammers are the most important and non-ignorable part of woodworking. It plays a very important role in attaching one section with the other very smoothly. Hammers work the best on wood and make the structuring of wood very strong.

The above list specifies most tools that you should know about in detail. You can also add them to your woodworking tools beginner’s guide.

By taking the proper help of this woodworking tools beginner’s guide, people can easily get to know the purpose and usage of these basic tools. It makes woodworking works much easier and less time-consuming without any doubt.

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